Thread Gauges Galore! Why These Tools Need to be in Your Standard Toolbox

Thread gauges are unique in their properties and abilities to tell you everything you need to know about screws, bolts, and nuts. In fact, you should have a full and complete set of these gauges in your toolbox at all times. Here are some valid reasons why. 

Because It Helps to Know Exactly What Type of Thread You Have

When you get screws, bolts, and nuts included in a box with something that requires assembly, but you are short a fastener, you are not going to know how to replace the missing fastener without a thread gauge. The thread gauge will tell you exactly what size, based on metric or standard measurement, you need. The gauge that most closely matches with the other fasteners in the box is the one you use when you head to the hardware store to look for that replacement fastener. You can test other fasteners at the hardware store with that same gauge, and/or look for metric or standard thread designations on the drawers of loose fasteners while you are there. 

Because It Helps to Fit the Right Nut to the Right Bolt or Screw

If you are off by a millimeter, guess what happens to the nut you just used to try to secure a bolt or screw? The nut will unscrew and fall off too easily. The thread gauge will find the exact size of nut you need for the bolt or screw size you are using. There are gauges specifically designed just for the nuts that coordinate with the gauges for the screws and bolts. 

Because You Do Not Want to Guess About the Thread Size of Any Fastener

Finding lots of loose fasteners around the house generally leads to dropping them in the family junk drawer, or in your toolbox to recycle and reuse later. The trouble is, you do not know the thread size of any of these loose fasteners, and that can lead to some interesting problems later when you want to and need to use them. Your handy, dandy stack of thread gauges can quickly resolve this problem, and help you get organized with all of the loose fasteners in your toolbox or junk drawer. 

Because They Are the Standard Favorite Tool In Industrial Settings

Most maintenance and repair technicians working for industrial companies would find it impossible to do their jobs if they did not have thread gauges. These tools are a standard in their toolboxes. Ergo, they should be a standard in yours.