Brinell Microscopes

  • 20x to 40x Total Magnification
  • 10x Wide Field
  • Highest Quality Optics
  • Easy-To-Read Reticle
  • Reverse Nosepiece
  • Stainless Steel
  • Built in LED Light (Models BMS-02 and BMS-04)
  • Easy To Use
  • Portable
  • Carrying Case
B009 Brinell Stage Micrometer
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B015 King Brinell Microscope
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BMS-01 Brinell SBS Microscope - 20X Magnification
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BMS-03 Brinell Microscope - 40X Magnification
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BMS-04 Brinell Microscope - 40L2 -40X Magnification
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BMS-02 Brinell SBS Microscope - 20L2 -20X Magnification
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The Brinell microscopes provide a stable, free-standing instrument and a portable unit for reading Brinell hardness testing impressions. Its reverse nosepiece design enables use in remote areas usually inaccessible to Brinell microscopes. Designed with precision optics, this Brinell microscope provide options of 20x to 40x total magnification. With a 10x wide field and high eyeport eyepiece, it provides comfortable viewing even while wearing glasses. The easy-to-read reticle measures in mm increments. The microscope’s calibration screw allows for easy calibration to the calibration disc.


The King Brinell microscope is made from stainless steel and is one most rugged, versatile and optically reliable Brinell microscopes on the market today. The King Brinell microscope Features a 20X pre-focused lens, the microscope has a narrow nosepiece requiring only a small footprint and fits easily into tight recesses. Readings on this microscope can even be taken on pulleys and sheaves, in corners and behind shoulders. For added stability when performing flat work, a 1-1/2" diameter slide-on base adapter is included.


When you need the advantage of the narrow nose for reading indentations, just take the base off. The side opening in the King Brinell microscope provides plenty of natural light for viewing. Additionally, a battery operated, movable, rugged pen light can be used for optimum lighting in dim conditions. The microscope may also be used for general shop applications requiring close inspection and precise measurements. The King Brinell microscope is calibrated on equipment traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and meets all ASTM E-10 specifications.


For fast and accurate Brinell readings, use the SBS Series Microscopes. These reliable instruments feature a micrometer measuring eyepiece that provides simple, accurate Brinell measurements under any normal lighting condition. With a compact design and convenient carrying case, the SBS Series Microscopes are highly mobile and easily stored.


The stage micrometer is used to check and ensure that the Brinell Microscope is calibrated. This is accomplished by placing the microscope on the stage micrometer and aligning the grid on the stage micrometer with the grid on the microscope. If the grids align perfectly, the Brinell microscope is in calibration and ready to use. If the grids do not align perfectly, this indicates the Brinell microscope is out of calibration and should be recalibrated. The Brinell stage micrometer is manufactured in accordance with ASTM E-10 specifications with complete traceability to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)