Electronic Calibration and Repair

Fox Valley Metrology and Twin Pines Metrology, divisions of WESTport Corporation are able to offer its customers complete repair and calibration services on nearly all makes and models of electronic test and measurement equipment. Most calibration services can be performed in our lab or at your facility. We allocate personnel to handle solely equipment repairs and calibration. This provides us with the ability to lower our costs while generating faster turnaround time on our services. Our primary ISO/IEC 17025 standards laboratory provides the resources you need for the traceability for all of your lab standards. All repairs are quoted prior to completion, and will not exceed 50% of the cost of a replacement.

All technicians are supplied with laptop computers and portable printers for any on site requests. Also, technicians are equipped with DoDMIDAS and GIDEP CD-ROMS, which contain all military and some civilian calibration procedures. This enables the customer to receive accurate certifications and calibration labels at the time the job is completed. Most of Fox Valley Metrology's electronic calibration technicians have been trained in the military with years of extensive calibration and repair experience.
Electronic Calibration and Repair
Accelerometer Durometers Load Cells Roundness Testers Thermal Couple/RTD
Air Gages ESD Floors and Mats Logic Analyzer Scales/Balances Thermometers & Temp Controllers
Ammeters Film Thickness Gages Manometers Shadowgraph Comparators Torque Calibrators
Analog Volt, Ohm & Amp Meters Flow Gages (Air) Meggers Shunts Torque Sensors
Bridges Force Gages/Dynamometer Megohmmeter Signal Generators Torque Testers/Analyzers
Cable Tensiometers Frequency Counters Microscopes Solder Guns/Pots Irons Torque Watches
Capacitance Meters Function Generators Multifunction Calibrator Sound Level Meters Torque Wrenches
Clamp-On Meters Gauge Amps & Probes Multimeter Spectrophotometers ULM Calibration
CMM’s Gaussmeter Optical Comparators Spring Testers ULM Training
Conductance Meters Glass Thermometers Oscilloscopes/Scopemeters Standard Cells Vacuum Gages
Conductivity Meters Ground Tester Ovens Standards (LCR) Variable Auto Transformers
Contracers Hardness Testers Panel Meters Static Meters Vibration Amp
Data Loggers Hygrometers pH Meters Stopwatch & Timers Viscometers
Deadweight Testers Hypot Testers Power Supplies Strip/Chart/XY Recorders Watt Meters
Decade LCR Box Inductors Pressure Gages (Air & Liquid) Stroboscopes Weights
Decade Resistors. Ionizers Profilometers Supermicrometers Welders
Digital Readouts LCR Bridge Rectifier Surface Plates Wrist/Foot Strap Testers
Durometer Specimen LCR Meters Resistivity Meter Tachometers Z Meters
  Resistors Tensile Testers Zahn Cups

Fluke 5520A Multi-Product Calibrators

A turnkey solution for calibrating today’s advanced 6.5 digit bench DMMs

The Fluke 5520A builds on the 5500A's capabilities, extending its workload coverage even further. Its improved accuracy, expanded ranges, and capability to calibrate 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 digit multimeters can cover virtually all your high-performance workload, including:

    • Handheld and bench meters (analog and digital) up to 6 1/2 digits
    • Thermocouple and RTD thermometers
    • Process calibrators
    • Data loggers
    • Strip and chart recorders
    • Watt meters
    • Power harmonics analyzers
    • Current clamps and clamp meters
    • Analog or digital handheld and bench oscilloscopes (with options)
    • Panel meters
    • Graphical multimeters
    • Power meters, disturbance analyzers, power quality monitors, recorders and other power quality related equipment (with option)

HP 53132A Universal Counter

The Agilent 53132A universal counter has frequency resolution of 12 digits per second, 150 ps time interval resolution and a complete set of test and analysis features. The unit comes with two 225 MHz channels, and you can choose an optional third channel that measures up to 3 GHz, 5 GHz or 12.4 GHz.

Omega BB702 Infrared Temperature Calibrator

The BB702 Blackbody Calibrator is a high performance, rugged, portable calibrator for infrared pyrometers. The BB702 has a range from Ambient +10 to 215°C (Ambient +20 to 420°F) with an accuracy of ±0.5°C, ±0.25% rdg. The unit provides a heated target plate of known temperature and emissivity. Virtually any infrared pyrometer with a spot size diameter of 63.5 mm (2.5") or smaller can be calibrated. Both models come with an RS-232 computer interface which allows computer control of the setpoints for automatic test applications. An NIST traceable calibration certificate is also provided.

MetCal 6.1 Automated Calibration Software

The MET/CAL Plus 6.1 suite of applications automates the operation and management of your calibration facilities, providing you with all the tools you need to:

    • Perform automated calibrations, including computer-aided, closed-case and closed-loop calibrations on all kinds of test and measurement tools and equipment including RF and microwave instruments
    • Create, edit, test and document calibration procedures, with thousands of procedures to get you started, and hundreds more available from Fluke and Fluke software partners
    • Calculate and report measurement uncertainty consistent with international standards
    • Access information over the Internet
    • Track asset information including calibration and maintenance history and status, traceability, users, customers and location
    • Analyze and report asset information; produce certificates and reports
    • Make data available to other corporate systems
    • Meet the requirements of quality standards like ISO 9000, ANSI Z540, ISO/IEC 17025, FDA GMPs, NRC 10 CFR and others

PS System with Local Rubidium Oscillator

The HP 58503A GPS Time and Frequency Reference Receiver maintains frequency accuracy of better than .000000000001, even in the presence of Selective Availability. This performance, combined with the unit's low cost, makes it an attractive lab alternative compared with more expensive cesium and rubidium solutions.