Great Tips to Consider When Using Thread Gages

To measure leads of screw threads, a device known as a thread gage must be used. It's a staple piece of equipment for many industries. If you plan on using one regularly in your operations, these tips will prove useful over the years.

Know When Certain Thread Gages Are Useful

There are many different thread gage types today. You have ring gauges, leaf gauges, and plug gages just to name a few. Each one of these gages is designed for particular materials. Take plug gages. They are designed for female threads.

Conversely, ring gages work best when measuring male threads. If you know what each gage is designed to do, you'll have no issues picking the right gage and then getting optimal measuring results on whatever types of threads you're trying to analyze. You'll get accurate measurements consistently.

Clean Before Every Use

It's pretty common for thread gages to accumulate dirt and debris. This happens more so if you leave these gages exposed to outside elements. If you have these sorts of storage methods, then the best thing you can do prior to inserting the gages into threads for measurement is to give them a thorough clean.

Make sure you wipe down the exterior surface thoroughly. If you're having trouble getting into the special grooves on a thread gage, find compressed air and some cleaning solvent. Both can be used to alleviate built-up residues that would otherwise impact the precision of your thread gages.

Replace Thread Gages When Appropriate

Even though thread gages are comprised of durable materials, they will eventually reach the end of their life cycle. Knowing when this happens is very important so that you don't continue to use subpar thread gages that can't deliver precision measuring on a consistent basis. Typically, you can visually inspect thread gages to see what type of condition they're in. If their grooves are damaged in any way, that's an indication that a replacement is needed. You should then discard the thread gage so that you don't forget it has reached the end of its life cycle. These simple steps can help you use thread gages correctly each time.

If you're tasked with using thread gages repeatedly to measure threads, then it's up to you to follow the right usage protocol. You don't have to specialize in thread gages to have success. Just read up on recommended steps and follow them correctly. Look for a shop that has thread gages available.