Don't Take Chances: 4 Tips to Avoid Problems with Your Thread Gages

If you work in an industrial setting, you probably utilize a lot of thread gages. Unfortunately, misuse and improper maintenance can lead to premature wear and tear. Before you begin work, take a look at the list provided below. The tips included here will help you extend the life of your industrial thread gages.

Keep Them Clean

When working with industrial thread gages, the one thing you need to do is keep them clean. Before each use, wipe them down to remove dirt, debris and oil that could interfere with proper usage. Once you've completed your project, wipe them down again to make sure they're ready for storage. It's also important that you apply a coating of fresh lubricant before storing your thread gages between uses. Proper lubrication will help you avoid overheating and moisture damage.

Apply Light Pressure

If you're like most people, you apply a heavy hand when using your thread gages. Unfortunately, using a heavy hand when working with thread gages can lead to severe damage. When using your thread gages, always ensure that you're applying light pressure. You never want to force a thread gage into a component. If your thread gage won't enter or exit smoothly, remove it carefully and then inspect for damage. You could have a burr or other damaged area that's interfering your thread gage.

Reduce Risk of Surface Rust

When it comes to your industrial thread gages, remember that even a small amount of rust can spell disaster. With that in mind, it's crucial that you take steps to reduce surface rust. One way to do that is to avoid touching the surface of your thread gages with your bare hands. The moisture and oils on your hands can lead to rust. To avoid that risk, use gloves if you need to touch the surface of your thread gages. Otherwise, always grasp the tips of your thread gages. It's also important that you remove all moisture from the surface of your thread gages.

Inspect Your Thread Gages Before Each Use

You never know when your thread gages are going to become damaged. That's why you need to inspect them before and after each use. Familiarizing yourself with the condition of your thread gages will allow you to monitor issues that may become a problem. As soon as your thread gages become damaged, take them out of circulation. Using damaged thread gages will destroy your equipment and could lead to serious work-place injuries.

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