3 Key Tips When Purchasing Thread Gages

Thread gages are important devices used in many different industries today. They're designed to check the pitch of a thread on a screw. If you need some to complete your operations, then these tips are important to consider. They'll make this transaction go smoothly.

Decide Between Rod and No-Go Gages 

In terms of these gage's design, there are predominantly two options. These include rod and no-go gages. Both are unique and come with distinct advantages. For example, no-go gages have vastly different ends. The go-end will fit cleanly into the nut, while the no-go end will be stopped by it. 

Rod-like thread gages typically are more versatile. That's because they have different blade sizes, which can measure different pitches of treads. Usually, rod-like thread gages are a little more expensive because of their added versatility. Choose a thread design that works best for your operations and budget.

Choose a Reputable Brand 

When you buy thread gages, you want them to last as long as possible so that you can save money on replacement costs. This generally depends on the brand of thread gage you buy. Not all are created equal. Be sure to carefully choose a thread brand, so that you're completed satisfied with this transaction.

Look for a thread gage brand that has a good reputation in the industry you work in. It should be backed by positive reviews online. You also might look for a thread gage brand that's been manufacturing these gages for a long time. More experience usually equates to high-quality thread gages that work exactly as advertised. 

Buy In Sets 

If you're looking to get a great bargain on these thread gages, you should seriously consider getting them in a set. For a one-time fee, you can get multiple thread gages that can measure different pitch variations of threads.

When looking for the right set, try focusing on thread gage variety. The more thread gage types that are included in the set, the more tasks you'll be able to complete. Also make sure the set comes equipped with a carrying case, as you don't want to lose these small tools.

When it comes to checking the pitches of different threads, you need a thread gage. There are many different types today on the market. So that you're happy with your selection, take your time analyzing important details and thinking about what would work best long-term. 

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