Hughes Xtra Hole - Non Preferred Rotary Shouldered Connection

Helpful Tips

  • Use proper thread inspection tools and procedures to ensure the quality and integrity of the connection. Use a preferred thread inspection system that can measure the key attributes of the thread which include pitch diameter, lead, taper and height.
  • Apply the correct amount of thread compound and torque when making up the connection. Too much or too little compound or torque can cause galling, stress cracking or leakage. Follow the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines for the optimal values.
  • Avoid using damaged or worn-out connections. These can compromise the performance and safety of the drill string. Inspect the connections regularly and replace them as needed.
  • Do not mix different types of connections or thread forms that are not compatible
  • Price Guarantee – Guaranteed to provide the lowest prices and will beat any competitors written price quote.
WPX-3-1/2-P 3 1/2" (X-Hole) Plug Gage - Hughes Xtra call
WPX-3-1/2-R 3 1/2" (X-Hole) Ring Gage - Hughes Xtra call
WPX-4-1/2-P 4 1/2" (X-Hole) Plug Gage - Hughes Xtra call
WPX-4-1/2-R 4 1/2" (X-Hole) Ring Gage - Hughes Xtra call

Hughes Xtra Hole - Non Preferred Rotary Shouldered Connection is a type of thread used in the oil and gas industry for drill pipes and other tubular components. It has a V-shaped thread form with a 0.038 inch radius at the root and a 2 inch taper per foot. Its design ensures a durable and stable connection that can withstand high torque and compression.

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