Hard Gage Calibration

FVM and Twin Pines Metrology, divisions of WESTport Corporation use state of the art equipment to ensure the highest degree of measurement uncertainty. With this equipment, and our custom-designed software, we are able to offer you the best possible turnaround time, and pricing in the industry. The hard gage calibration lab is held at 68°F with relative humidity not to exceed 45%. Both temperature and humidity are closely monitored by our Honeywell environmental control unit. We also have a suspended floor to help avoid unnecessary vibration and ensure a good measurement uncertainty of all of our equipment.

When your gages come into our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited hard gage lab, they have already been thoroughly cleaned and inspected for shipping damage. Gages sit in the lab for 24 hours in order to acclimate to the proper laboratory conditions. When the gages are calibrated, they are also closely inspected for nicks, burrs, and corrosion; then re-cleaned and stickered. When packaged for return, gages are either coated in dip-seal, or oiled and wrapped in bubble wrap, and boxed securely. Calibration pricing includes cleaning, and level 4 certification. Average turnaround time is 1-3 days.

Hard Gage Calibration and Repair
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