P.A.C - Non Preferred Rotary Shouldered Connection Thread Plug and Ring Gages

Plug and Ring Gage Best Practices:

  • Always use the correct size and type of gage for the thread being measured.
  • Clean the gage and the thread before and after each use to remove any dirt, oil, or debris that might affect the accuracy of the measurement.
  • Handle the gage with care and avoid dropping, scratching, or damaging it in any way. Store the gage in a protective case when not in use.
  • Check the gage for wear and tear regularly and replace it if it is damaged or out of tolerance.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications for using and maintaining the gage.
  • Use a gage handle or wrench to apply the proper torque and pressure when inserting or removing the gage from the thread.
  • Compare the gage reading with the standard or master gage to ensure the consistency and reliability of the measurement.
  • Record and report the gage results and any deviations or defects found in the thread.
WPPAC-2-3/8-P 2-3/8" P.A.C. Plug Gage call
WPPAC-2-3/8-R 2-3/8" P.A.C. Ring Gage call
WPPAC-2-7/8-P 2-7/8" P.A.C. Plug Gage call
WPPAC-2-7/8-R 2-7/8" P.A.C. Ring Gage call
WPPAC-3-1/2-P 3-1/2" P.A.C. Thread Plug Gage call
WPPAC-3-1/2-R 3-1/2" P.A.C. Thread Ring Gage call

P.A.C (Pacific Asia Connection) is a non preferred special connection for drill pipes with smaller diameter, shorter threads and a longer connection. PAC drill pipes are typically used in smaller well holes drilling, repair, and fishing operations. PAC threads are Non Preferred Rotary Shoulder Connections which have a V‐076 thread form.

The plug and ring gages are used to measure and inspect the dimensions and quality of the PAC threads. They are made of tool steel hardened to Rockwell C 60-62 and are cryogenically frozen to ensure their stability. They are calibrated and certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or equivalent agencies.

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