Cylindrical Gages

Plain Cylindrical Gages, also referred to as plain Cylindrical Gauges, are used to check the outside diameter limits on parts. Cylindrical gauges are also used to check the inside diameter limits on parts. They are available in GO and NOGO. The GO cylindrical gage should go on or in a cylindrical component and the NOGO should not. When the GO gage enters and the NOGO gage is unable to enter, the design specifications have been met. Cylindrical gages are available in steel, chrome, and carbide in Class XXX, Class XX, Class X, Class Y, Class Z, and Class ZZ.


  • Buy with confidence with WESTport 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free technical support from our knowledgeable engineering team with over 100+ years’ experience
  • Cylindrical gages are AGD – American Gage Design
  • GO or NOGO members
  • Precision hand lapped and polished to ensure superior accuracy
  • Manufactured to the highest end of the ANSI specifications to provide maximum wearability
  • Final inspection of plain cylindrical gauges is completed in an environmentally controlled ISO 17025 laboratory
  • Made in accordance with ANSI B89 .1.6M.
  • Manufactured with gage blanks per ASME/ANSI B47.1
  • Free NIST certificate of accuracy with all plain cylindrical gages

Cylindrical Gage PDF Catalog