Z Axis Check

  • Coordinate Z axis on your CMM in minutes
  • Calibration of four steps traceable to NIST
  • Durable Storage Case
GX-1 Z Axis Check - Ground Finish Base
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LX-1 Z Axis Check - Base Lapped with mirror finish
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Master for calibrating the Z axis on your optical Coordinating Measuring Machine (CMM)

Coordinate the Z axis on your optical coordinate measuring machine quickly and accurately in just minutes. All Z Axis Chek's are supplied with calibration of four steps and engraved to the nearest .000010" with complete traceability to NIST.

Certification includes roundness and concentricity in three planes, perpendicularity (squareness) check and parallelism Vision machines are three (3) dimensional (X, Y, Z) machines, similar to Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), which utilize photographic lens technology. Vision equipment is extremely accurate in X and Y planes using pixels or a grid of small blocks. However, the Z axis, or focus plane, can be very difficult to calibrate. The need for this capability created the Z AXIS CHEK.

This unit has multiple steps (depending on the machine) that are calibrated to 10 micro inches in height allowing the operator to calibrate the focus (Z axis) with complete accuracy. The Z AXIS CHEK is made of Stainless Steel providing excellent corrosion resistance. Multiple stabilizing processes insure to minimize dimensional changes throughout the years.