• Quickly checks your CMM to insure proper functionality and accuracy
  • Checks diameter, linear length and squareness X to Y axis then X to Z axis
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Certification traceable to NIST
  • Available in 4", 5", 8", and 16" models
  • Special Sizes Available upon Request
  • QUIKCHEK's are made of 440c stainless steel and hardened to Rockwell C62
  • Stress relieved and triple stabilized
  • Certification Included
QC4 QUIK CHEK - 4 inch Model
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QC5 QUIK CHEK - 5 inch Model
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QC8 QUIK CHEK - 8 inch Model
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QC16 QUIK CHEK - 16 inch Model
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QUIKCHEK is used to calibrate Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

The QUIKCHEK provides an easy periodic check on the CMM to ensure it is within calibration providing you with accurate readings. In addition it provides a more volumetric inspection of a CMM than the traditional ball bar. QUIKCHEK's are made of 440c stainless steel and hardened to Rockwell C62, stress relieved, triple stabilized, ground and lapped flat and parallel.

Run QUIKCHEK once a week to assure your CMM is operating properly between the yearly manufacturers calibrations. Check diameter, linear length and squareness X to Y axis then X to Z axis. Measure the 45° length for a volumetric check. QUIKCHEK is your mechanical assurance that your CMM is within the specified tolerance of the manufacturer. Typical checks take less than 10 minutes – that’s right less than 10 minutes for peace of mind. QUIKCHEK's are available in 8 or 16 inch models. Special sizes available upon request.

With the increased demands in the manufacturing environment annual gage/tool inspection by a qualified outside calibration service is no longer sufficient. This is particularly true with respect to Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM's). Performing inspection checks regularly assures you that your CMM is working within the manufacturer's specifications. More importantly if a problem is discovered there are then fewer parts to re-examine and less bad parts produced as a result. Several checks should be performed on a CMM with the most important being confirmation of: diameter, length, squareness and volumetric accuracy.

The instrument used should be easy to use, reliable, precisely calibrated and be similar in nature to the types of parts being checked. QUIKCHEK utilizes three holes in a triangular pattern allowing the following checks to be easily made, specific features certified and manufactured traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Diameter: holes calibrated and round within .000010 on the 8-inch model and .000020 on the 16-inch model. Length: centerline to centerline. Squareness: angles calculated to within one arc second accuracy. Volumetric: utilizing hypotenuse of triangle positioned anywhere on the table. QUIKCHEK is an excellent training tool allowing new personnel to become acclimated and more comfortable measuring with the CMM, the use of touch probes and general inspection processes.

The QUIKCHEK comes with certification, application procedure and lockable storage case. By comparing the calibrated values generated from your CMM frequently, the machine can be tracked statistically period to period. Problems can be detected before they become critical. Maintenance of these inspection results can help during company quality audits by helping to eliminate equipment concerns within the inspection department. In summary the QUIKCHEK is a highly calibrated artifact using multiple hole patterns calibrated outside of the Coordinate Measuring Machine by conventional methods traceable to N. I. S. T., is certified, and simulates actual parts being inspected with hole locations, true positions, and bolt circle call outs.