Unified Miniature Screw Thread Gages


Different applications need a wide range of equipment to assure quality, precision, and reliability of measurements. Unified Miniature Screw Thread Plug and Ring Gages are specific gadgets used in watches, instruments, and miniature mechanisms. WESTport Gage offers a complete line of Unified Miniature Screw Thread Plug Gages in accordance with American Standard B1.10M 2004 and the appropriate ISO Recommendation.

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Unified Miniature Screw Thread Gages

Threaded plug gages are used to verify and examine internal threads by striving to match the No-Go and Go gauge components to the threaded portion. If the attachment moves freely on the gage without any binding, the person understands it is within the predefined tolerance limit. Unless otherwise specified, all gages are right-handed and labelled with nominal maximum size and gauge class.

WESTport Gage offers a comprehensive line of Unified Miniature Screw Thread Plug Gages in accordance with American Standard B1.10M 2004 and the corresponding ISO Standard. The UNM Series is another name for this thread classification. In this series, the threads are compatible with the standardisation programs of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the ISO. The Unified Miniature Screw Thread Plug Gages are designed to be used in miniature mechanisms such as instruments and watches. The series, which substitutes the Unified and American thread series, has a diameter spectrum of .30mm to 1.40mm (.0118".0551"). WESTport also produces UNM Unified Miniature Screw Thread Plug Gages forming taps. WESTport's engineering team can help you choose the right cutting tools and miniature gauge for all applications relevant to UNM thread.

Miniature threaded plug gages have been used to verify and test inner inch threads in Unified thread specifications such as UNF, UNC, and others. Individual NoGo or Go gauge members, as well as assemblages with one or two gauge members with a handle, are supplied.

The Purpose of Unified Miniature Screw Thread Gages

A thread gauge is a measuring device used to measure the dimensions of a thread, such as the diameter, pitch, and angle. Internal threads are checked with plug gages, whereas exterior threads are checked with ring gages. Each gauge is divided into two sections: a GO gauge and a NO GO gauge. To verify the thread, both components should be utilised.

The Thread Measuring System measures pitch diameter precisely and confirms that the thread plug gauge is well within range. The optimum thread plug gauging technique employs different pairs of thread plug gages. One or two gages can be utilized for in-process inspection, another for final inspection, and a primary thread plug gauge preserved for dispute if gages fail to correspond on approval or denial.


Since 1989, the WESTport team has been providing excellent quality Unified Miniature Screw Thread Gages all around the world. We are devoted to consistently improve our goods, processes, and services in order to preserve our reputation as a dominant force in our market by putting our customers' interests first. We are also an ISO 9001, ISO 6508, ISO 6506, and ISO/IEC 17025 recognised manufacturer that provides "Quality you can Trust" to over 125 countries.