The Metrology Handbook, 2nd Edition (With CD-ROM) Hardcover – 2015


Throughout history, manufacturing has made huge leaps thanks to improvements in measurement. Much of what designers or manufacturers do is accomplished through the use of accurate calibration and measurements. The study of metrology and calibration fills immense volumes of literature that forms a vast body of technical knowledge from which professionals are challenged to absorb.

Developed as a practical reference for metrology and calibration professionals, The Metrology Handbook provides a foundation for understanding basic metrology and calibration principles and practices, and is appropriate for those with intermediate or advanced experience seeking to increase their knowledge. This book is a collection of valuable information compiled by experts in the field to serve as a single resource for metrology and calibration professionals. The supplemental CD-ROM contains acronyms and abbreviations, a glossary of terms, tables and formulas, and common conversions.

Sponsored by ASQ’s Measurement Quality Division, this handbook serves as an excellent desktop reference for calibration technicians, supervisors, managers, quality inspectors, auditors, those in calibration and/or testing laboratories, consultants, and teachers. Whether you’re changing disciplines in your career field, helping to becoming certified to a new or different standard, accepting more responsibilities as a supervisor or manager, training your fellow calibration practitioners, or using it to prepare for ASQ’s Certified Calibration Technician (CCT) exam, this handbook provides the information, guidance, and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

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