Excessive Tapping Torque

  • Use larger drill size.
  • Try to shorten thread length.
  • Increase cutting angle.
  • Use a tap with more thread relief and reduced land width.
  • Use spiral pointed or spiral fluted taps.

Incorrect Tap Selection

  • Avoid chip packing in the flutes or the bottom of the hole. Use spiral pointed or spiral fluted taps or fluteless taps.
  • Apply correct surface treatment such as steam oxide or TiN.

Operating Conditions

  • Reduce tapping speed.
  • Avoid misalignment between tap and the hole and tapered hole.
  • Use floating type of tapping holder.
  • Use tapping holder with torque adjustment.
  • Avoid hitting bottom of the hole with tap.

Tool Conditions

  • Do not grind the bottom of the flute.
  • Avoid too narrow a land width.
  • Remove all worn sections when regrinding the flutes.
  • Regrind tool more frequently.

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