Thread Gages or Thread Gauges: Understanding Exactly What You are Trying to Say

In modern English, there is a lot of misspelled words, confused words, and misused words. It is no wonder that other people from around the world have such a difficult time learning English when there is so much about your own language that natural English speakers confuse. In the following example, you will see a common industrial confusion of "gage" and "gauge," and which one is actually the correct usage in reference to a particular industrial supply item. 


This "gage" refers to something of value being offered for a guarantee or to secure a service. It has always meant or referred to as "wages" received for service. While an industrial component may be of quite a bit of useful value, it would not really or ordinarily register as something you would use as payment or to secure a guarantee of any kind for any reason. 


This "gauge" refers to any device that is used to measure something. It can also refer to the act of measuring something's weight, dimensions, emotions, or personal value. In either case, the whole point to "gauge" is that it is a word meaning or relating to measurement. It does not have much to do with the other "gage" in any way. 

In the case of industrial gauges , the use of this "gauge" makes complete sense. Industrial thread gauges, for example, are simple devices found in any industrial toolbox. They are used to measure the distance between the threads of a screw-on component in order to best match other components that would effectively attach to the item being measured. A perfect match allows industrial repair technicians and manufacturing personnel to find the perfect fittings, nuts, bolts, and screws to complete assembly and repairs. Hence, proper usage in reference to anything industrial and definitely in reference to thread gauges, is, well, gauge .

Shopping for Thread Gauges

If you are shopping for thread gauges, you may very well see other companies use "gage" instead of "gauge." Despite what you now know to be the correct word and usage, you will have to google both "thread gages" and "thread gauges" in order to find sellers of thread gauges. Likewise, any time you are looking for any sort of industrial or manufacturing component that measures pressure, resistance, screw threads, etc., you will have to search for respective terms combined with both "gage" and "gauge" in order to find what you really want. 

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