The Imperial Gage: What it is, Why You May Never Have Heard of it, and How it is Used

Thread gages help you figure out what thread gage you have with a screw or a bolt when you do not know what type or size of screw/bolt you have. You have heard of standard measurement, and you have heard of metric measurement. There are dozens of thread gages in both standard and metric measurement. There is one more thread gage you may not have heard of, and that is the Imperial gage. Here is more about the Imperial thread gage, what it is, why you may never have heard of it, and how it is used.

What the Imperial Thread Gage is

An Imperial thread gage is a very unique thread gage. More to the point, it is actually a series of gages strung onto a carrying cable. Each individual gage resembles a socket or nut, and most are rather small. The measurements of these gages are most unusual. For example, one set will measure screw and bolt threads as small as 1/64th or 1/72nd. In an industrial setting, these gages would be used to measure very tiny components in computer board assembly and other small products. 

​Why You May Never Have Heard of an Imperial Gage

​Most industrial plants are about producing large products and chemicals. Only the plants and factories that make very small items would have use of an Imperial gage. Even then, it is probably very rare because there are very specific processes that use specific screws and bolts. Employees would have to accidentally mix up, spill, or drop several tiny screw buckets before an Imperial gage would be needed to help re-sort the mixed up tiny screws. 

How an Imperial Gage is Used

​In almost all instances, an Imperial gage is used to size very tiny screws and bolts of unusual size. The bolts and screws are unusual sizes because they have been custom-made for a specific use. For example, a computer board that goes inside your smartphone requires the tiniest little screws/bolts. These tiny screws and bolts are manufactured just for use in a particular make, model, and design of smartphone. An Imperial gage is used to size these screws and bolts during production, and then the same gage is used to sort the manufactured specialty bolts and screws into packaging. An imperial gage may also be sold and shipped with thousands of packages of these tiny, custom screws and bolts for production of small scale electronics. 

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