Tapered Thread Gages for Accurate Measurements

The right thread gage is an absolute necessity when it comes to ensuring that components fit together properly during the assembly process. Tapered thread gages are often used because of their diverse ability to measure both size and taper of the threads on each component in an assembly kit.

There are a few different types of tapered thread gages available on the market, so be sure that you choose the gage best suited to meet your measurement needs.

Tapered Thread Plug Gages

One of the thread gage varieties you might consider using is the plug gage. These gages are operated by hand. The plug is screwed into the interior of the component you want to measure. This allows you to determine the exact measurement of the component's threads.

If the tapered plug gage is within a specific number of turns from being flush with the end of the component when fully inserted, the threads lie within acceptable tolerances. The number of turns that are allowable will vary based on your project design.

Tapered Thread Ring Gages

Another type of tapered gage you might turn to for accurate measurements is the tapered ring gage. These gages are designed specifically for measuring external threads on the components you are working with. The ring is fitted over the exterior of a pipe or other component, then screwed along the threads of that component until a snug fit is achieved.

The gaging end of the ring should be within a certain number of turns from the end of the component. This means that the threads measure correctly and can be utilized in your assembly. If the ring gage doesn't allow for permissible tolerances in thread measurement, you will know that your threaded component is not suitable for use.

Limit-Type Tapered Gages

A third class of tapered gages include limit-type gages. These specialized tools are designed to eliminate the need to count turns when measuring thread tolerances. Instead, a limit-type gage  is notched according to minimum and maximum variances.

If your threaded components can be screwed to within these notched areas, you know that the measurement of the threads is acceptable. Limit-type gages can be either plug or ring style for maximum convenience.

Invest in many different types of tapered thread gages so that you will always have the right tool to complete accurate measurement testing. This will help improve the quality of your products by increasing the accuracy of component assembly. Contact a company, like WESTport, for further assistance.