Overview of Taper Pipe NPT L1 Ring Gages

Taper pipe NPT L1 Ring gage essentially inspects the hand tight engagement or the functional size of male threads, pipes, or nipples. They have a tolerance of +/- one turn from the small end face of the ring. All NPT gages are made to ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 standards. It is used for measuring the external taper threads where it is screwed onto the threads of the product in question by hand. The thread is considered within the permissible tolerance when the working rings gaging face is at either + or – one turns from being flushed.

More About Taper Pipe NPT L1 Ring Gage
Taper Pipe NPT L1 Ring Gage comes in two basic styles of screw; Plain Taper and Threaded Taper. We only require the L1 ring gage for the measurement of NPT threaded parts. When it is used, the ring is screwed onto the part from the side of the ring that is marked. It is also called thin ring gage as it only checks the first four to five threads. The L1 also specifies the Hand Tight Engagement Length which refers to the dimension in the thread specification.

The Taper Pipe NPT L1 Ring Gage is meant to be used for general-purpose applications or pipe threads that are to be sealed with sealants or Teflon tape. Furthermore, NPT Threads do not require L2 or L3 checks. They are made in accordance with ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 standard.

Taper pipe NPT L1 Ring gage is available in two types similar to the L1 plug gage; Go and No-Go thread ring gages. By means of application, they are very easy to use and are meant to be used by hand. In comparison to L1, the tolerance of NPTF thread is much more closely monitored. However, the purpose of the gages for both the standards remains the same. It ensures correct major diameter class of fit and TPI/Pitch along with special pitch diameters.

At WESTport, we ensure that each threaded ring gage is designed as per the AGD (American Gage Design). Each ring undergoes stringent inspection to ensure it has been precision hand lapped to provide optimum finish and superior accuracy. The final inspection of each Taper Pipe NPT L1 Ring Gage is completed in an environmentally controlled ISO 17025 laboratory.

It is worth noticing that despite being manufactured with the highest standards, the Taper pipe NPT L1 Ring gage is still a precision tool which is why it needs the utmost care similar to any other tool of such nature. It is used by technicians, engineers, machinists, and Quality Assurance inspectors to ensure a part is made as per defined criteria. Given that it is a hand-operated tool, it is vital that it must be used with caution and diligence.

WESTport Taper pipe NPT L1 Ring gage is an effective and easy-to-use tool that has markings for easy identification and is available in a variety of metric sizes. It is a highly accurate and a reliable tool that ensures fast and easy testing.

WESTport Taper pipe NPT L1 Ring gages comes with a Free NIST certificate of accuracy. With each product, you also avail yourself of the free technical support from our highly qualified engineers that have a collective experience of over 100 years.

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