Finding the Thread Gauge of a Hex Nut: How it's Done

You may already know how to find the thread gauge of a screw or bolt, but did you know that you can do the same with nuts and hex nuts? It is actually very useful, considering the fact that far too many nuts are improperly fitted to bolts and screws and then the things that the nuts, bolts, and screws are supposed to hold together fall apart. Here is how you can find the gauge of the threads on a hex nut, how it is useful regarding industrial equipment, and why you'll want to do it. 

Buy Metric and Standard Gauges for Nut Measuring

Thread gauges for bolts and screws are very different instruments from those used to measure nuts. The reason why is that a gauge for nuts has to go inside the nut and fit inside the opening of the nut to measure it properly, whereas the gauge for a bolt or screw only has to measure on the outside where the threads are. The gauges for nuts look more like socket wrenches where the heads of these tools are inserted into and screwed into the nut to find the right fit. When you do this, and you find the right fitting gauge, the measurement of that gauge is imprinted on the handle so that you know what the measurement of the nut is. 

Pick up a Hex Nut and a Gauge That Looks Like It Would Be a Good Fit

Pick up a hex nut of any size. Look at your set of nut gauges. Pick out the few that look as though they might fit inside the hex nut. Test each one, attempting to screw the gauge into the nut. You want it to fit exactly right without being too loose or forced. When you find the one that fits the nut perfectly, turn the gauge over in your hand to look at the measurement indicated on the handle of the gauge. It will tell you the exact measurement of the threads inside the nut. This will also tell you exactly what the thread gauge is on the screw or bolt that is supposed to accompany this nut. 

How It Is Useful and Why You Would Want to Do This

In industrial settings, there are thousands of nuts, bolts, and screws. When they come loose from machinery or equipment and/or need to be replaced, it is not as though you know automatically what to buy. You need these gauges to tell you the correct fitting and size of the fasteners so that everything fits back together perfectly. 

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