Cylindrical Ring Gages - Steel & Chrome


WESTport provides a complete line of cylindrical ring gages (steel and chrome) for go/no go gauging. The gages are perfect for evaluating manufactured items' outer diameters. A tester can swiftly pass or fail items using go/no go gages instead of obtaining time-consuming measurements from more costly testing instrument. Go ring gages are made with a negative tolerance. They are manufactured with a plus tolerance. The go gauge is used to confirm the upper limit. The no go gauge is used to ensure that the lower limit is met.

Cylindrical gages, like fixed limit gages, are designed to fit the part's minimum and maximum material conditions. Generally, the fixed limit gauge is a three-dimensional duplicate of the mated part. This gauge tolerance mechanism assures that an examiner must never approve a faulty component. The use of fixed limit go/no go simple cylindrical gages needs just minimal training. The inspector merely needs to ensure that the gauge fits over the outer diameter of their component.

Cylindrical Ring Gages -– Specifications

Cylindrical ring gages, also known as plain ring gages, are used to verify the exterior dimensions of produced products. They may also be used to calibrate an instrument, whether electronic or air, and exist in a variety of sizes and styles. Ring gages with a diameter less than 1.510 are made without the need for a hinged external diameter, whereas gages with a diameter more than 1.510" are created with a hinged diameter.

Removing excessive content from the external ring gauge diameter reduces the weight, making it simpler for the user to operate. Perfect for GO NOGO and master gauging. The NO GO ring is distinguished from the GO ring by a circular groove on its circumference.

Air gages, bore gages, and internal micrometers can all be set using plain ring gages. Lead inaccuracies on readings can be reduced by utilizing the very same size master. Ring gauge blanks are stabilized by rotating these across high temperatures ranging from -130°F to +300°F. They are polished and lapped to guarantee optimal abrasion resistance and longer wearability.
The gauge is next tested for class and size in a temperature-controlled lapping room before being finished in our environmentally controlled ISO 17025 metrology laboratory.

ANSI/ASME B89.1.6 - 1984 ANSI/ASME B89.1.6 - 1984 Gage blanks fulfill all of B47.1-criteria. Ring. Available in sizes as small as 015" to 25". Unless otherwise indicated, all sizes above 5.510" are furnished with perforated openings for ball grips. WESTport Gage includes a free Certificate of Accuracy traceable to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) its gages.


Since 1989, the WESTport team has been providing Cylindrical Ring Gages all around the world. We are devoted to consistently improving our goods, processes, and services to preserve our reputation as an industry leader by putting our customers' interests first. We are also an ISO 9001, ISO 6508, ISO 6506, and ISO/IEC 17025 recognized manufacturer that provides "Quality you can Trust" to over 135 countries.

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