Cylindrical Reversible Plug Gages


Reversible cylindrical plug gages, also known as reversible plain plug gages, are used to inspect a drilling opening. When one tip of a reversible gauge gets broken or worn, the gauge member may be flipped, giving outstanding value (basically two gauge components for the cost of one). With many use cases for WESTport’s cylindrical reversible plug gages you are now able to get a tool with multiple uses.

Read on to learn more about WESTport's Trilock Cylindrical Reversible Plug Gages.

Cylindrical Reversible Plug Gages Specifications

The widths are ring-lapped to fit and carefully finished giving for improved precision and assuring optimal gage wearability. Equipped with NOGO and GO members in different classes, like Class Z, Y, X, XX, and XXX according to ANSI requirements. The aluminum gauge chambers are anodized red (NO GO) and green (GO) allowing for simple differentiation. Except as specifically indicated, the gage maker's margins will be imposed extra on the GO component and negative for the NO GO component.

Available in carbide, chrome, and steel, the WESTport's cylindrical reversible plug gauges are made to last. Steel gauges are composed of high-grade 52100 tool steel that has been hardened to Rockwell C60-64 and cold annealed to minimize size and shape variations, resulting in an unusually extended gauge life. Gages measure 2.0" long. Special length gauges up to 6.0" in dimension are supplied. All gauges are polished, sanded, and lapped to a surface polish of 5 micro inches or greater. From .015" to 1.0100", reversible cylindrical steel and chrome plug gauges are provided. Carbide plug gauges range in size from .040" to.761".

Cylindrical Reversible Plug Gages Special Features 

Special characteristics like chamfers, radius, pilots, air flats, and depth notches are quoted on a case-by-case basis. WESTport Gage includes a complimentary Accuracy Certificate traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with every gauge.

These Gages are carefully lapped for maximum finish and accuracy and are kept to specification along their full length, allowing you to utilize either endpoint of the gauge. WESTport's cylindrical reversible plug gauges come in inch or metric sizes with carbide, chrome, and steel finishes. Custom gages are made and simply advise the dimension in inches or metric, the tolerance grade, and the tolerance applicability – Not Go (minus) or Go (plus), or Master (bilateral or split). Individual members do not come with handles. If a handle is necessary, please indicate.

At no extra charge, the tolerance, size, tolerance, and instrument number are securely inscribed on the grip. All specifications are available – please contact 1-888-876-8587 and a WESTport specialist would gladly generate an estimate for you.


Since 1989, the WESTport team has been providing excellent quality Cylindrical Reversible Plug Gages all around the world. We are devoted to consistently improving our goods, processes, and services to preserve our reputation as a dominant force in our market by putting our customers' interests first. We are also an ISO 9001, ISO 6508, ISO 6506, and ISO/IEC 17025 recognized manufacturer that provides "Quality you can Trust" to over 125 countries.

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