Cylindrical Carbide Ring Gages


Plain cylindrical ring gages are available for Go/No Go gauging and as masters. These ring gauges are suitable for evaluating manufactured items' outer diameters. An inspector can swiftly pass/fail items using Go/No Go ring gages. These gauges are also excellent as masters for bore gauges, air gages, and internal micrometers.

Lead inaccuracy on measurements may be reduced by utilizing the very same sized master cylindrical ring gage. They are available in gage maker tolerance classes XX through ZZ. Carbide Ring gages provide for prolonged gauge life for checking parts.

Carbide Ring Gages

All ring gages are manufactured to meet and exceed all required quality standards. Ring gages are also available in steel and chrome. Custom gauges are also available to meet your blueprint specifications and are available with expedited services.

WESTports sales and engineering staff will gladly assist you and your team with any questions you may have. WESTport’s licensed metrology laboratory also provides ISO 17025 calibration services for all of your plug and ring gages and any other measuring or test instruments that require certification. Contact us at 1-888-400-4243 (USA and Canada) or 1-631-321-0160 (International) with any questions or for a free quote.  


  • Inspects the external dimensions of manufactured parts
  • An annular groove in the periphery of the NO GO ring distinguishes it from the GO ring 
  • Gages inspected for size and class in a temperature-controlled lapping room
  • Final inspection of gages is completed in an environmentally controlled ISO 17025 laboratory
  • Gage blanks meet all the requirements of B47.1
  • Gagemakers tolerance will be applied minus on the GO and plus on the NO GO
  • Gages are ring lapped to size and hand polished to provide superior accuracy and wearability
  • Ring gage blanks go through a stabilization process, cycling through temperature extremes from -130°F to +300°F
  • Manufactured in accordance with ANSI/ASME B89.1.6
  • Free NIST certificate of accuracy


Since 1989, the WESTport team has been providing Carbide Ring Gages all around the world. We are devoted to consistently improving our goods, processes, and services to preserve as an industry leader by putting our customers’ interests first. We are also an ISO 9001, ISO 6508, ISO 6506, and ISO/IEC 17025 recognized manufacturer that provides “Quality you can Trust” to over 135 countries.