Buying Thread Gages for Your Business

There are times when your workers may encounter screws, and they may not be sure as to the actual measurement or gage of the screw's threading. This makes it harder for them to know whether these screws will be suitable for their needs. However, thread gages allow them to easily and accurately assess the type of screw that they have encountered.

Do All Thread Gages Have Mechanical Parts?

Individuals will often only be familiar with complex mechanical thread gages. These are extremely space-efficient tools that are useful for workers that will spend much of their time in the field or away from the company. However, there are also thread gages that are designed as single sheets of thin metal or vinyl. While these tools will be somewhat larger, they will be more reliable as a result of a lack of moving parts.

How Will Your Employees Use The Thread Gage?

The way that your employees use the thread gage depends on the type of gage that you have chosen to buy for them. For those with mechanical gages, it is likely that there will be either an adjustable tool that can be placed around the thread to measure or a series of different thread gages in various sizes so that you can find the one that fits. However, you have a thread gage that is simply a sheet of vinyl or metal, the employees will only have to place the screw in these holes to determine the one that fits the threading the best. While these thread gages can be simple to use, they will typically have a more limited range of potential sizes that they can accommodate.

Will It Be Difficult To Store The Thread Gages?

During the times when your workers are not actively using the thread gages, they should be kept in a safe location so that there will not be a risk of these gages bending or warping in a way that makes them less reliable. Additionally, mechanical thread gages need to be kept in a dry location. Otherwise, they are at a far greater risk of developing corrosion or other problems that could prevent them from being effectively used. For thread gages that may be used in the field or other fairly rough conditions, it can be advisable to also clean the thread gages on a regular basis so that any dust or dirt is removed from moving components.

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