A Look at The Different Thread Gage Types

In the mechanical and product engineering fields, there are multiple tools that are specifically used for measurement of thread sizes and parameters, and thread gages are a good example. Thread gages are designed to measure or verify thread sizes in different materials and situations. Even though these gages are often thought of as all the same by the general consumer, there are actually numerous types of thread gaging devices that can be used and each serves their very own function that is important. Take a look at some of the different types of thread gages that may be used in product engineering processes. 

Clued Plug Thread Gages 

Clued plug thread gages measure the size and placement of a thread with a plug-like piece that gets inserted into the threaded opening. These gages are small in size, usually handheld, and have multiple plugs on the unit to use for testing the threading sizes and placements. Therefore, they are a common instrument used in manual measurement and can easily be used in conjunction with other measurement devices. 

Micrometer Thread Gages 

Micrometer thread gages are made a bit different than some of the more common thread gage types. These gages have a set of thread-shaped tips that get inserted into the grooves of a threaded opening to obtain a precise measurement of the thread size. Micrometers are often used in conjunction with other forms of gages, but they are also useful as a standalone device. Micrometers are sometimes referred to as metering devices instead of thread gages. 

Thread Gaging Roll 

Thread gaging rolls are used on roll thread comparators and contain an interchangeable head that can be used to measure different thread types. The primary function of the thread gaging roll is it is capable of measuring pitch and diameter of the threads. In addition, the thread gaging roll can be used to further measure the opening range of a rounded opening or hole in a unit. Therefore, the thread gaging roll can be used with or without the measurement of threads; it may also be used to measure opening diameters of smooth openings to aid in the determination of thread placements during manufacturing or production. 

Overall, there are multiple instruments used in the process of creating threaded openings, and thread gages are an interesting device to get to know. Reach out to an industrial equipment supplier, like WESTport, for more information about thread gaging instruments. 

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