Optical Brinell Reader Microscope - Phase II PHT-5000

Optical Brinell Reader Microscope - Phase II PHT-5000

Optical Brinell Reader Microscope - Phase II PHT-5000

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5 Year Warranty

  • Easy to Use
  • Superior Accuracy
  • Converts Brinell Hardness Values to other Hardness Scales
  • Auto Alarm: Automatically marks out of specification readings
  • Customizable Word and Excel Reports
  • Priced Lower than the Competition while not Compromising Quality

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The impact device of this optical hardness testing microscope attaches directly into a laptop or desktop computer. This model uses an imaging system to measure the depth of the indentation. The Phase II PHT-5000 includes functionalities such as image capture and processing, geometric measurement, and camera calibration. Taking measurements is made easier with document labeling and album management and the PHT-5000 can generate a Word or Excel report document. Choose from automatic or manual measurement of the indentation diameter and let the instrument calculate the hardness HB value. It also automatically or manually measures the indentation diameters on a calibration block and then it automatically interpolates the HB value of the test sample. Don't bother looking up conversion charts; the PHT-5000 converts HB to other hardness scales like Vickers, Brinell, and Shore. Test results are checked and validated against sample dimensions and it will automatically update the average values, the minimum and maximum, the standard deviation, and Cp and Cpk. If test measurements fall out of specification measurements, the system marks them with an auto-alarm. (Laptop shown is not included.)