Mitutoyo Rockwell and Superficial Hardness Tester

Mitutoyo Rockwell and Superficial Hardness Tester

Mitutoyo Rockwell and Superficial Hardness Tester

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HR-521 Series

Mitutoyo Hardness Testers are known worldwide for their superior quality, performance and dependability. The HR-521 measures both Rockwell hardness and Superficial hardness. With real-time electronic test force control, this tester provides one of the best values in hardness testing today.

The new Mitutoyo HR521 Rockwell and Superficial type hardness tester features real-time electronic force control. Closed-loop control of the primary (Minor) and final (Major) loads permit greater accuracy and repeatability than traditional dead weight, dash-pot controlled testers. The electronic brake mechanism prevents primary force overshoot and automatically starts the test cycle. Testing scales are selected with a push of the LCD touch screen and with a push of the LCD.

PART NO. W810-202-03A

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    • Closed-lop control of testing forces
    • Primary and final forces (loads) are applied with unparalleled accuracy and repeatability
    • Extended indenter arm reaches inside diameters and hard to reach surfaces at eye level, allowing the operator to easily see where the indenter addresses small or hard to reach parts
    • Automatic setting of preliminary test force and application of total test force
    • Indenter escape function allows automatic removal preliminary test force at end of test cycle
    • Touch screen operation with a back-lit LCD graphic display
    • Hardness scale is set automatically via the touch screen
    • Cylindrical and spherical surface compensation
    • Auto conversion to all hardness scales or tensile strength

Preliminary Test Force:
Rockwell 29.42N (3kgf), 98.07N (10kgf) 588.4N (60kgf), 980.7N (100kgf), 1471N (150kgf)
Rockwell Superficial 147.1N (15kgf), 294.2N (30kgf), 441.3N (45kgf)
Force Control Automatic control (unloading/duration/unloading) with spring deformation feed back
Console/Display Unit Touch screen operation with back-lit LCD graphic display
Test Force Selection By touch screen
Load Duration 0 to 120 sec. (1 sec. step)
Max. specimen depth Height: 205mm Depth: 150mm from center of indenter shaft
Display Indication Functions Harness value, Converted hardness value, Test conditions, OK/NG tolerance judgment, statistical processing result. Rockwell/Rockwell superficial hardness testing. Continuous testing. Cylindrical/spherical surface compensation, data offset. Hardness conversion (HV, HK, HRA/B/C/D/F/G/15T/30T/45T/15N/30N/45N, HS, HB, HBW, tensile strength). OK/± NG tolerance judgment, measured data editing, data memory (max 1024 data). SPC calculation (Number of data, max/min/mean values, range, upper/lower limit values, standard deviation, number passing /defective) Histogram, x-R chart.
Data output RS-232C, SPC, Centronics
Dimensions (2 x D x H) 9.84inch x 26.38inch x 23.82inch (250 x 670 x 605mm)
Mass Approx 132 (60kg)