Mitutoyo Hardmatic Portable Hardness Tester

Mitutoyo Hardmatic Portable Hardness Tester

Mitutoyo Hardmatic Portable Hardness Tester

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SERIES 810 HH-411

Easy to Operate - Impact Type Hardness Testing Unit

The Mitutoyo Hardmatic portable hardness tester is designed for accuracy, reproducibility and ease of operation. Lightweight and can be conveniently carried into the shop or out in the field. Simply press the detector against the sample surface, push the detector button and that is it!

PART NO. 810-298

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    • Easy one handed operation
    • Digital Display
    • Compact body for areas of restricted space
    • Slim detector allows measurements to be taken on complex curved surfaces such as welds, moulds etc, as well as conventional flat surfaces
    • Conversion function for different hardness scales
    • Go/No Go Judgment function provides instant classification
    • SPC and RS 232C output
    • Self calibrating
    • Conforms to ASTM 956
    • Supplied with NAMAS certified test piece
    • Used in any direction
    • Lightweight, portable and easy to carry

Standard Accessories

    • Tester includes the display unit, D type impactor (810-287)
    • Carbide ball 19BAA457
    • Test Block HLD800 19BAA265
    • Display 19BAA450
    • Cable 19BAA460
    • Battery AA (Alkaline) 2pcs

Technical Data

    • Impactor: Impact hammer with integrated detector and carbide-ball tip (D type: conforming to ASTM A 956)
    • Display unit: 7-segment LCD
    • Functions: Auto angle compensation, Offset, OK/NG judgment, Hardness scale conversion
    • Data storage (1800 data entries)
    • Statistical analysis (Average, Maximum, Minimum, Dispersion)
    • Auto sleep function
    • Impact counter display function
    • Testable workpiece Thickness: Minimum 5mm or more, Mass: 5kg or more in mass, Test points: 5mm or more from the edge of the sample, 3mm or more to each of the tested points
    • Surface roughness: Ra 10μm or less
    • Power supply: Alkaline AA battery 2pcs or optional AC adapter


Measuring Hardness Range L hardness (ASTM A 956)
Detector Input Device D (carbide ball)
Display Unit LCD display, maximum 3 digits
Function: Conversions: HL,HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HS, HTN Judgment: OK/NG Offsetting Memory: 1,800 data
Indentation Direction Any Direction
Output RS 232C, SPC
Power supply Alkaline AA battery
Power Output 100 hours approximately
Dimensions Detector: (Dia. X H) 1.10- x 6.89- (28 x 175mm)