Vickers Microhardness Test Blocks

Vickers Microhardness Test Blocks


Vickers Microhardness Test Blocks

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Vickers Micro Hardness Test Blocks - 55-750 Range, Loads 10 to 10,000 grams

***Requires a 30-50 point allowance for hardness range***

Microhardness test blocks are used to check the accuracy of micro/ macro indentation testers. WESTport microhardness test blocks are available in a comprehensive range of values and loads. Microhardness test blocks are precision mounted for complete test block stability, ease of testing use and then diamond polished to a mirror finish. WESTports state of the art closed loop load cell instrument used for Vickers and Knoop test block calibration insures that the most stable and accurate test process is performed each and every time. Macro Vickers blocks are the same dimensions as our Rockwell blocks and provide the maximum test surface available at heavy loads. Vickers and Knoop micro test blocks are calibrated to meet and exceed American and International standards. All microhardness test blocks are calibrated in our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited metrology laboratory with complete traceability to NIST. WESTport manufactures and provides the largest stocking inventory of Vickers and Knoop Diamond Indenters for all microhardness testing machines.

  • Calibrated to ASTM E92 and ASTM E384 Standards
  • Mirror Polished Test Surface
  • Precision Mounted for Complete Stability
  • Precision Force and Optical MeasurementISO/IEC 17025 certification includes mean hardness value, load, magnification, five group measured values, repeatability and measurement uncertainty
  • Micro Vickers and Knoop micro test block dimensions are1 in (25.4 mm) dia x .5 in (12.7 mm) thick and Macro Vickers block dimensions are 2.38 in (60.4 mm) in diameter x .250 - .350 in (6.35 - 8.89 mm) thick
  • Free NIST traceable certificate with every Knoop and Vickers test block