Macro Vickers Hardness Tester with Built-in Printer Phase II Model 900-398

Macro Vickers Hardness Tester with Built-in Printer Phase II Model 900-398

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Model No. 900-398A-“Includes Video Cam, Adapter and Manual Measurement Software
Model No. 900-398B-“Includes Video Cam, Adapter and Auto-Measurement Software

This cutting-edge Phase II Macro Vickers hardness tester is used during production and in metallography labs for analyzing the hardness of metal samples. It is similar to the Phase II Micro Vickers Hardness Tester, but this 900-398 model tests with a load range of 1kg to 50kg. The 900-398 model has two options: the 900-398A and the 900-398B. Both include a video cam and adapter, but the 900-398A model uses a manual measurement software, and the 900-398B model uses an automatic measurement software.
With an easy-to-operate system, the Phase II Macro Vickers hardness testers are suitable for almost any testing environment and they have versatile functionality. Test thin and delicate materials such as steel components, small parts, and case hardened layers. Carefully engineered, the tester always creates a sharp indentation for highly accurate measurements. The testing cycle uses a load cell and closed circuit system which maintains highly accurate readings for each and every test. For ease-of-use, values are displayed on a large LCD screen. These values include testing force, indentation length, measuring methods, hardness value and dwell time. Additional information like the data statistics and hardness conversions can also be displayed on screen and printed out. Offering unrivaled repeatability, this tester fully conforms to the ASTM E-384/92 standard. Includes 5 year warranty and lifetime technical support free of charge.

5 Year Warranty


  • Easy to Operate
  • LCD Display
  • Video Cam and Adapter
  • Manual Measurement Software
  • 10X Digital Micro Lens
  • Large Test Table
  • Precision Accuracy
  • Tests Load Range From 1kg to 50kg
  • Load Cell Closed Circuit System
  • ASTM E384/92 Compliant
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • 5 Year Warranty

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