Why You Should Use a Thread Gage During the Quality Control Process

There is a good chance that your company already uses some sort of quality control process to verify that your products are properly made and assembled before you send them off to your customers. However, although you might use other tools and equipment to perform quality control, and although you might think that your company does a good job with quality control overall, there might be some steps that you are missing. For example, using a thread gage during the quality control process is a good idea. If you aren't using one already, you should consider doing so for the reasons below and more.

Make the Process Faster and Easier

The employees who work in your company's quality control department probably work hard to ensure that the products are up to your company's standards. They might have a lot of responsibility since they might have to review and assess multiple different things while they are performing their checks. If you can make things a little bit easier for them, you probably want to do so. If employees are able to check fasteners quickly with a thread gage, this can simplify their jobs by just a little bit, which is something they are sure to appreciate.

Thread gages can also help you speed up the quality control process since employees will be able to perform checks on fasteners a lot more quickly. Since speeding up the quality control process can help you get your products shipped out more quickly, this can make the use of thread gages worthwhile.

Make Sure Products Are in Good Shape

Thread gages make it possible for your employees to ensure that fasteners are secured as they should be in a more effective manner. This is a great way to verify that products are in good shape and ready to ship out. Plus, it makes it possible for employees to check for this without having to screw in fasteners by hand, as that can cause stripping and other issues.

As you can see, if you manufacture and check products that have screws or other fasteners, but do not already use thread gages during the quality control process, then you might need to make this simple change. This should be a quality control step that is easy to implement, and it's something that can benefit your company for the reasons above and more. Contact a thread gage supplier for more information.