Dial XTender Bore Gages

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52-646-220 Dial Bore Gages 35-160-mm 15
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52-646-300 Dial Bore Gages 2-6 OF ANVILS
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52-646-400 Dial Bore Gages 1.4-6- OF ANVILS
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52-646-100 Dial Bore Gages .7-1.5 8
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52-646-600 Dial Bore Gages 4-12 OF ANVILS
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52-646-250 Dial Bore Gages 2-6 OF ANVILS
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Fowler/Bowers Cylinder Bore Gages have been built on the Bowers' reputation for quality…a fast, accurate method for checking bores. Originally designed for engine rebore use, these bore gages have since been developed into a universal, wide range, two point internal measuring system suitable for many applications.

An improved mechanical system increases its strength and wear resistance. All contact points are tungsten carbide. Robust, easy to use and suitable for most environments and applications.

Set the gage with a setting ring or micrometer by rotating the dial face to zero. During measurement, the gage is inserted into the bore at an angle and then rocked slowly to enable a reading to be taken. A spring loaded centralizing foot ensures that the gage remains on center during measuring operation when the minimum reading gives the bore size.

The Fowler/Bowers range of mechanical two and three point bore micrometers are now available as XT extended travel versions between .080"/2mm and 12"/300mm. This allows wide measurement range without the need to interchange anvils.

  • Dial Reading: .0005"
  • Available in inch and metric, ranging from 1/2"—24" (12.5mm—600mm).
  • Choice of .0001", .0005", .002mm or .01mm graduations.
  • Fast, simple checking of bores for size, ovality, taper, etc.
  • Lightweight ABS gage shroud for extra strength and protection
  • Thermally insulated for extra stability.Tungsten carbide contact points
  • Specials available for measurement of deep bores.
  • Extensions up to 2 meters available on some models.