Dial Calipers

Dial Calipers

Dial Calipers

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Toolmaker's Universal Measuring Set
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A caliper is a device used to measure the distance between two symmetrically opposing sides. Calipers typically use a precise slide movement for inside, outside, depth or step measurements. WESTport is an authorized distributor of Dial, Electronic (Digital), Vernier and Specialty Calipers. Some caliper types are used for comparing or transferring dimensions.

  • 6 Inch Dial caliper - .001 Inch graduations
  • Micrometer - .0001 Inch graduations, Range: 0-1 Inch
  • 6 Inch Flexible rule with 32nds, 64ths, 10ths & 100ths graduations.
  • All contained in a fitted, shop-hardened case.