Electronic Calipers - 0 - 8 Inch (0 - 200mm)

Electronic Calipers - 0 - 8 Inch (0 - 200mm)

Electronic Calipers - 0 - 8 Inch (0 - 200mm)

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ProMax-Cal Electronic Caliper
size 0---8-Inch-(0---200mm)
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0 - 8 Inch (0 - 200mm) ProMax-Cal Electronic Caliper   

Fowler's ProMax-Cal calipers include all the fine features
of the Ultra-Cal III®, including Sylvac's patented, high accuracy capacitive sensor and the addition of a thumb wheel.


  • Offers 4-way measurement-”depth, inside, outside and step.
  • Resolution .0005"(.01mm)
  • Accuracy: .001"(.03mm)
  • Jaw Thickness: .118"
  • Jaw Length Top: 1.5"
  • Jaw Length Bottom: .625"
  • Sliding internal top cross jaw.
  • Hardened stainless steel construction.
  • Temperature range 5 to 40C° working; -20 to 60C° in storage

Electronic Specifications:
  • Completely re-engineered measuring sensor, a marked improvement of the already proven Sylvac capacitive measuring system.
  • Incremental floating zero. Deviations are read out directly with no math.
  • Direct inch/metric conversion.
  • Increased measuring, tracking speed of approximately 60"/second.
  • Large, high contrast LCD display indicates in/mm, hold, and zero functions.
  • New hold feature freezes display for later viewing. Ideal for hard to reach places.
  • Low drain, high efficiency lithium wafer battery
    (environmentally safe for disposal) offers 4500 hrs. of continuous on time. Life extended 2-”3 years with use of on/off switch.
  • Direct RS-232C output; allows connection of the tool to any computer or printer with no interface necessary! Simply hook up the tool with the specially constructed opto-electronic cable (with 9 pin serial connector) and enjoy direct SPC output. This feature alone will save many dollars over gages requiring additional interfaces.

size 0---8-Inch-(0---200mm)