Gage Care Tips

How Should I Care for My Gages?

  • Clean the part before gaging by removing any dirt, coolant or chips
  • NEVER force the gage. Always use light pressure.
  • Protect the gage from damage. Nicks and burrs cause inaccurate results.
  • Keep gages clean and coated with a thin coat of rust preventative and stored properly. This will increase the wear life of your gage(s).
  • Avoid handling gaging surfaces. The oil from your fingerprints causes rust.
  • Gages should be protected from exposure to excessive heat, moisture and corrosive chemicals.
  • The temperature of the gage and the part should be the same to avoid any effects of thermal expansion on the material. The best temperature for the part and the gage to be inspected at is 68° degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Gages should be periodically calibrated to insure accuracy. Gages and "Go" gages in particular, will wear with normal use and require recalibration. Frequency of calibration is dependent on such factors as how often the gage is used, part abrasiveness, tolerance, and applicable quality procedures. All gages should be monitored and maintained accordingly to insure accuracy.

Got Any Other Tips for Me?

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